This modest web store is owned by John, a retired glass-maker.
John, who has years of experience in the sector, has converted his passion for glass-making into a hobby by crafting stunning and distinctive Prince Rupert's drops.

John is pleased to offer these handcrafted items for sale online, and he hopes you appreciate them as much as he does.

A quick look on how Prince Rupert's Drops work

  • When were they first created?

    In the 17th century, Prince Rupert of the Rhine, a scientist and soldier who is also credited with discovering the phenomenon of fluid dynamics, invented these distinctive glass beads.

  • How strong are they?

    The thick end of Prince Rupert's drops can sustain more than a ton of force, while the thin tail can be broken with a light tap.

  • How do they form?

    Prince Rupert's drops are formed from a super-cooled liquid glass, which is chilled so quickly that it doesn't have time to develop a solid structure, resulting in its unusual traits of strength and fragility.